Monday, 3 December 2012

Last Night. Talking 'bout Last Night.

Before we begin, may I suggest we all put a Traveling Wilburys record on and raise the volume to a reasonable level? Cool, thanks.

We're on a train to Birmingham. It was a late night. I, I did loose my patience with the guy at the ticket counter. I think I may be taking a moment to reflect.

The tour, thus far, has been great. We've met an amazing number of people, played some of the best places I could imagine, and reconnected with some wonderful friends. Two nights ago I ate a chip butty. Imagine two slices of white wonder bread surrounding chips(fries), relish, white cheddar, ketchup, and a bit of mayo. Can you imagine the shear bliss of eating such a thing? Just this morning I had a bacon sandwich....yes, a bacon sandwich complete with a touch of brown sauce. Three nights ago we cooked, and indulged in fish pie. Yesterday, while ordering a drink at the Master Builders Pub in Bucklers Hard(yes, the town is called Bucklers Hard) I noticed a look of "what the hell" on Jess's face only to look up and see the owner of the Square and Compass, Charlie, standing in front of me. We spent 4 nights staying with Suzy in West Sussex where I pretended to be 19 again in the company of Will and Alex. We traveled and dined in the New Forest In Suzie's VDub. Last night I had a real American Hot Dog....from a can. Oh, did I mention that all of these previously mentioned happenings took place in the presence of a fire?
the best "tour bus" in the world. . . Suzy's VDub
hot dogs and bonfires in Dorset

 Now, we're on a train traveling across the English countryside, the sky is amazing and we're continually passing by such an incredible amount of history in the form of castles, bridges, farms and country I struggle to define it properly with words. I am also reminded that we've visited more of England than a majority of the people on this train. Then as I think of how tired I am, how weary I can't help but feel at the moment I think I understand why the most folks here take the time to not constantly move around. To keep calm and carry on. I'm a bit jealous.

Tonight, in just a few hours, the cycle continues. I think I understand what Paul Simon was talking about. In fact, I think I might play that song tonight. Though I am tired, I'm honored to have a job which allows be enjoy being tired. I'm also grateful to have and a partner/co-worker/companion/.....

Alright, it's just about time to mind the gap. Turn it up when it gets to track #4.


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