Thursday, 3 January 2013

the Dirty

It took a few days skillfully navigating around nearly a million potholes on lovely I-65, and then suffering a thousand teenage rodents who found it amusing to occupy every elevator of a 25 story hotel therefore making it nearly impossible to leave the restaurant which was conveniently located at the top. But we held firm, we stayed the course, we didn't hit any ceilings, we didn't fall over and ridiculous cliff and landed safely in Atlanta. The ATL. Hotlanta.  Or let's just call it's only about 50 degrees. 

It's been a couple of weeks since we returned from the UK/Europe and after the 3 hours of sleep in Amsterdam, the 1 1/2 hour wait in the security line, the 3 hour layover in London, the 8 1/2 hour flight back, 3 trips though security, the privilege of being "selected" for additional screening, the high school ladies ski team on their first trip to Colorado, a 5 hour layover in Minneapolis,  the extra unexpected night at the motel 6, and the nice little package from the Merseyside Police Dept. in Liverpool containing the speeding ticket for going 58 in a 50..... I think I'm ready to jump back in the whirlwind tonight. We'll be heading just north in the Georgia mountains to Dahlonaga for a short set at the Crimson Moon. Tonight and the next few shows are all at places which boast being former and current stomping grounds for some pretty well know folks. I'm in the land of John Mayer(not the Milwaukee John Mayer but the one who dates movie stars), the Indigo Girls(oh yes, I most certainly am familiar with their catalogue) and the Allman Brothers. 

The time off though has been nice as a few new songs have been working their way into the set and I think there may be a few more on the way. Which works out perfectly as in a couple of months we'll be in NYC and Linus from the Evil Twins has very graciously offered to help me get them to tape at his studio in Brooklyn.  Linus and I have been talking about this recording for quite a while now so it's awesome to have the time scheduled to record. I'll keep you all up on details as they come up. 

In the event ya'll(see, I'm almost a local) have some people down this way...give 'em a shout out and tell 'em to tell their friends. 
take care

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