Monday, 8 October 2012

So yea, this week happened....

Well hello everyone,
It's Monday, October 8th, approximately 1:54pm with 26 hours and 6 minutes until departure to London Heathrow via Hartsfield Jackson (ATL). Typically getting ready to head out on tour isn't a big deal at all, unless you're getting ready to be out for a little over 9 weeks....and then another 9 months. Biggest issue today is packing the smallest piece of luggage and to put a strap on the guitar case as to accommodate carrying a cup of coffee in the airport and through the Tube in London on Wednesday. For those of you having to face such stuggles I suggest looking into for a fashionable fix to some of lifes little curve balls.

On the easier side of things we received some great news today in the form of an invitation to perform on BBC Radio Merseyside in Liverpool October 25th!! We've also nearly confirmed a new show on the Cumbria Coast which will be either November 4th or November 7th so I'll keep you updated as any news comes in. There is also some exciting news coming in from Ireland which I'll have to hold onto for just a bit but.....stayed tuned.

Another reminder that the best way to keep up with the tour is, of course, these wee little emails, the blog at, and the best of them all is the Josh Harty Road Club. Just click on Membership at and all the details will be at your fingertips.

In other news I spent a reasonable amount of time this past week working on the Previa (extreme tour vessel) and with a little less work than I had anticipated she's up and ready to go. We have two months to decide on a name with which to christen her so suggestions are welcome.

 after. . .

In other, other news prior to reviving the Previa Blake Thomas and I ....after years of threatening, recorded a duo record in an undisclosed attic in the Minneapolis greater metropolitan area. 7 hours, 10 songs, some first take keepers and bam...done.  I will also mention that engineering the record was none other than Mr. Jeremiah Nelson.

Oh wait, then we went to South Dakota and my sister and Dave had themselves a wedding....
I'm tired.
That's all for now. I'll keep in touch and you do the same....find me on the Facebook.
take care

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