Tuesday, 20 November 2012

8 Days a Week

Monday, November 19th 2013, 6:51p.m Garrykennedy, Portroe  Nenagh, Co. Tipperary Ireland

Today was the first day off in 8 days and I've welcomed it with open arms. What did we do on a day off you ask? Well I'm glad to tell you.....we did this.
                                the new Irish tour vessel...

And it was cool enough to warrant more pictures.
                                the co-pilot

How did we do this you ask? Well, I've spent the last few days playing shows with Ted O'Connor whom I met last year at Larkins and we were able to put a few dates together for the tour this year. And, it just so happens that Ted is a pilot and also happens to own a Bell 407(a 7 passenger commercial helicopter). I'm thinking this will be transport for the next tour here in Ireland.

So this last run started in Dublin where I was able to finally get the guitar sorted out with the help of an emergency shipment of Waverly machine heads(tuners) from the States via some top level management from Josh Harty Inc. We then headed out with the whole company team via Qashqai to Ballymore Eustace for an evening of music at Mick Murphy's Stage Inn. Thanks Roy Thompson for a great night! Thanks to the Ballymore Inn for the chowder.

We then headed south to County Wexford, Wexford Town and the Sky & the Ground for the Candlelight Sessions. From the moment I walked into the place I knew it was going to be fantastic. The place looked amazing, the staff was amazing, and Ha Ha Tonka had been there the previous week. I also grasped the opportunity to teach them the gospel according to the Weary Traveler Freehouse.

We then drove from the southeast of Ireland to the more northwest of Ireland and found ourselves in Galway for a house concert with our great friend Brid. Next day we motored to Camus which is in Connemara and also one of the coolest landscapes I've ever seen. Bogs, rock, and peat moss....gorgeous.  Connemara is perhaps the most Irish speaking regions in Ireland and you know it as soon as you get there. The cadence of the language is incredibly smooth and hovers beautifully in a room. The show was followed by a traditional Irish session and it turned out nearly everyone who came to the show was a musician. Awesome. 

This brings us to Tipperary, the McGraths(our incredible hosts who are amazing and welcome us kindly via Mr. Tim Quigley), more wonderful shows, Ted O'Connor and the helicopter, chopper, or Huey....whichever you prefer. 

Until then......

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