Sunday, 4 November 2012

Cathedrals, Craigs, and Castles....Oh My.

 Wow. Scotland. Forgive my language, but…damn. Scotland. We’ll back up a bit though to Liverpool.
In the last episode of "Wiskota Comes To The UK" we left you at Peter and Gabi's just before the show. Well, that was an incredible evening of music with the Good Intentions whom you can check out by clicking here. No wait, here. The next day we went to the Liverpool Cathedral-The total external length of the building, including the Lady Chapel, is 189 metres (620 ft) making it the second longest cathedral in the world; its internal length is 146 metres (479 ft). In terms of overall volume, Liverpool Cathedral ranks as the fifth-largest cathedral in the world[1] and contests the title of largest Anglican church building alongside the incomplete Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City.[2] With a height of 100.8 metres (331 ft) it is also one of the world's tallest non-spired church buildings and the third-tallest structure in the city of Liverpool  Where would we be without Wikepedia?!  We also went to the Philaharmonic which is a great pub in Liverpool that boasts marble facilities. Pretty awesome.
even from afar, it barely fits in the viewfinder. . .

October 28th found us at the Greystones in Sheffield with the lovely Daughter of Frank (and man can she sing) and Socrates Johnson. Nice show and thanks to Craig and Wagon Wheel Media for bringing us back again. Oh, and should you find yourself in Sheffield be prepared for an plethora of Chinese restaurants and trams.

York is a great city it was nice to be there in a working capacity this time. We got to the Fulford Arms a bit early and planned to go somewhere to eat before the show....before we knew that they cooked up some of the best locally sourced home cooked food you can find in Yorkshire. We also had the privilege of meeting/hearing Dave Keegan who was also playing that night. Do yourself a favor and look him up. Or heck,  just click here and take a listen.
the best pub food ever at the Fulford Arms
after-show jam with Dave & friends

Last year the Barrels Ale House in Berwick-upon-Tweed  led me to playing a 1936 Gibson Advanced Jumbo which had just been played Mark Knopfler. And I am pleased to announce that the same thing happened again this year. We had a great show and afterwards went over to Dave's house and the whole thing played out pretty much the same as the last time....the pool room, music, guitars, Laphroaig and good times.
back at Dave's in Berwick

Ashington Folk Club in Ashington was super great and we can't wait to go back.

This brings us to Arbroath Scotland, Hospitalfield(it's pretty much a big deal) and Andy Spiller. Three parts of awesome to create one big awesome. Andy sorted the show and also opened the night with a killer set. There was a great crowd, the sound was awesome(thanks Andy & Gary), and it ended as the best show on the tour thus far.

Last night at Douglas Robertson's was also fantastic even though it was the second time in nearly 12 years that I didn't play my guitar. The first time was at the Shitty Barn a few years back when I met Brian and played one of his Yarhara guitars because it was awesome. This time didn't work out quite the same. First off, I'd replaced the machine heads on my guitar just before I left for the UK and was talked out of getting the expensive ones. That won't happen again. Just before the show I was changing strings and one of the machine heads imploded turning my guitar in a 5 string. Luckily, Douglas made a phone call and twenty minutes later a friend of his showed up with a Huss and Dalton guitar.  Great guitar but there was a bit of trouble in the first set getting the guitar to work with the sound system. Once that issue was sorted out the show was awesome.
sunset hike up the craigs in Edinburgh

 We're staying in Edinburgh for an extra night so I can visit the guitar doctor in the morning and hanging out at Douglas's house.  I think he's cooking.

take care, talk soon.

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