Friday, 22 February 2013

February 22, 2013 12:03p.m....a Friday.
We drove back from Knoxville, Tennessee this week after a house concert at the Harmony House with Katie Powderly and Red Shoes and Rosin. It was a great time filled with friends, dairy free George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey, and the most amazing Indian cabbage and potato dish I have ever had. I'm not kidding, this may have been one of the most incredible food things I have ever, ever, in my whole life consumed. Hands down. We also picked up a new air mattress as I know Brooklyn will find us longing for such luxuries.
Katie Powderly at the Harmony House

 But back to this cabbage...Dib made it, he's from Calcutta and it was his grandmothers recipe. His mother also roasted some traditional spices when she visited recently which he used and I'm sure that only made things better. We also had a great conversation about how food is a lot like music. The best kind are the ones that are passed down and continue a tradition, or story, or have some kind of meaning. Not something you can dig out of a book or find on any random shelf at a local market. That said I must admit to finding a strong resemblance between McDonalds or Rice-A-Roni and Justin Bieber or Kenny Chesney. Actually to be honest, even though I don't know him personally and would never consciously listen to his music again.... I like the Bieb more than Kenny Chesney.  I really can't deal with that dude. I mean, really, have you heard the Tequila song?

But more presently we're getting ready to head out to Davidson ,North Carolina for a show tonight at the Birdsnest. It's a converted old house and from what we hear is a great venue. Our friends Heather Mae and Bethel Steele gave us the heads up on this one when we played the Blue Plate Special with them in Knoxville last month. If you haven't heard of them, make sure to check them out. After Davidson, we'll head over to Raleigh to the Royal Bean....I'll let you know.

Sorry Sandy but we're going to drive slow and remain boring.
take care

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