Wednesday, 6 February 2013

February, 6th 2013 Atlanta

It's been 5 months, 2 weeks, and 6 days since we gave up our apartment. That's an approximate savings of $6,435 dollars in rent, though I"ll spare you the approximate amount of money spent in fuel...we would have spent that anyway. Between the DeKalb Farmers Market, the Buford Highway Farmers Market, Earth Fare, and the Hong Kong Market the money spent just doesn't matter because after all, you need to eat. Also, contrary to popular belief, a free vehicle is never free. It's very similar to the hangover after a night of free just pay the tab later.

Recently we saw the Ryan Montbleau Band at Eddies Attic. Lyle Brewer plays lead guitar in the band. We've known Lyle since his tenure with Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles and since we saw him last, man oh man, the dude has exploded in his playing. We also saw Peter Mulvey at the Attic and he was great. I opened two shows for Eric Taylor! Then there was Brian Wiltsey, Bethel Steele, Heather Mae, Kelley McRae, The Hot Hearts, Marshall Seese, and Ben Brookes Belcher...the people we've seen playing music have been stunning. Absolutely one of the best parts of the trip so far. Looking forward to the upcoming shows with Kelley McRae, Peter Mulvey, Jeffrey Foucault, Jon Ladeau, Bethel Steele, and so many others makes me incredibley happy.

For the most part I think everything up to this point can be called a success. Though, I do have to go to court on Friday to see about getting out of a traffic ticket I was issued for apparently going the speed limit, driving straight, with a green light, through an intersection.  Or maybe it was the Wisconsin license plates? But who am I to argue with the traffic constable? I know I likely have a lot more friends than he does, and I enjoy things like making someones day better rather than worse....but who the heck am I? I'll just go hammer out a deal with the judge.
back in the Summer when we had an apartment, a band and a cat. . .

Next time we'll talk turkey and the ongoing necessity of playing the open mic.
till then, take care

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