Thursday 29 May 2014


6 months. My bad. In the time since my last update here, Jess and I finished up our latest tour in Europe and the UK, flew back to the States, moved to Florida for a spell, performed some home renovations, nearly froze our a%$'s off in North Dakota, had BBQ in Kansas City, and are now getting ready to head out on a 3 week tour up the East coast of the US.

I will also mention that while in the Netherlands we turned our Fiat Panda back in to Hertz to avoid parking in Amsterdam(which is nearly impossible) and when we went to get it back they had rented it to someone else. So they gave us a BMW 325i instead. Then when we arrived back in the UK for the last run of shows, Hertz turned our Vauxhall Corsa into an Audi A4. These two events, as you may understand, have had a profound effect on my affection for our 1991 Toyota Previa since arriving back in the States.

 This next run of shows should be great for a few reasons.

1) There are some great venues lined up including the Fiddle & Bow Society with my friend Peyton Tochterman, the Rockwood Music Hall with the fabulous Kelley McRae and Matt Castelein, Burlap & Bean with the Alfred James Band and Boston's Club Passim.
2) I have a handful of new songs to work out that will be appearing on the record which will be recorded in August/September....more details to come soon!
3) For the first time in my life, I have a tan. You heard it right folks, thanks to sunny Florida this nearly opaque North Dakota boy finally found some skin tone. So, if for no other reason, you should try to make one of these shows while the stage lights don't reflect off  my chin causing the audience minor eye damage.

And last, but certainly not least, I'm wildly excited to be spending time back in Wisconsin this summer. There will surely be some time spent on the boat as well as some time on the stage. June 25th will find me at the Sh**ty Barn in Spring Green with the stupendous Peter Mulvey. August 23rd will be a Josh Harty Band show at the Orton Park Festival in Madison's Orton Park. Other Wisconsin shows can be found right here at

Alright, back to work. See ya'll soon!